[Infographic] Twitter 2012: What You Need To Know

Rahul Roy | Friday, June 08, 2012 | Be the first to comment! | Tweet +1 Like

With Over 400 million twitter accounts, twitter is now a top social medium player along with Google+ and facebook.

Getting attention on twitter is not that easy as you cannot keep track of every tweet that is why I am focusing on Google+, where I get tons of response on my posts.

How to Get become twitter Star?
1. Share many pictures: Pictures definitively bring value and if you are not sharing pictures you are doing it wrong.
2. Share Interesting content: Content is a key to success.
3. Engage with your Followers: Reply to every @ mentions.
4. Avoid shameless self promotion.

Infographics via Blogherald 
Still not getting enough interaction on twitter? I'd suggest you to move on to Google+ and use twitter as a way to promote your Google+ account. 

By Rahul Roy
I'm a Computer Science and Engineering student and a part time blogger
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