20+ Reasons why you will be using Google+ in the future [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Google+ is one of the most talked topic of the web right now. It has many interesting features from hangout to Google+ Locals, from comment editing to circle sharing however one of the best feature of Google+ is the sense of community. Google+ has many communities like community of photographers, community of bloggers, community of developers, Google+ welcome wagon community(one of the best community on Google+) etc. In short Google+ is the future of web and you will be using it soon as it provides best social networking features and it brings Google from Google 1.0 to Google 2.0

Here are the 20 solid reasons why you will be using Google+ soon.

1. Integration with Google Services: Gmail, Android, blogger, YouTube, Google project glasses etc.
2. Circles are Awesome: Enable users to organize people into groups for sharing and the best part is you can share your circle with your followers.
3. Better Mobile App: Mobile app loads fast and is far better than facebook and twitter app.
4. Control over Yourself: It provides you the ability to download your content from Google+ and you can delete your account at any time.
5. Photo tagging with automatic face detection.
6. Hangouts: With Hangout on air you can record and share live hangouts, share
7. Privacy Settings: Easy to manage.
8. Easier Profile Setup
9. Browser Integration: Integration with chrome.
10. Hot Topics: with what is hot you can find useful content at single click.
11. Better Search: Customize search results.
12. Elegant Notifications: Google+ Tip: Managing Google+ Notification
13. No more friend request fatigue: Add to circle without any permission
14. Less Bloat
15. Better Ads: More customisable ads.
16. Better Game Implementation: Separate gaming notification.
17. Safer sharing: Lock your post and comments before sharing.
18. Better for Business: Good for SEO
19. Single Post muting
20. Photo gallery implementation

21. Almost No Spamming: You cannot spam on Google+ and that is why most the facebook users doesn't like Google+. In short you have complete control over your page.
22. Google+ Locals.
23. Google+ Events: Google+ events was introduced at the Google input output 2012 and it is simply awesome.
24. Google+ is Better for Business


Infographics via Bitrebels

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