Avoid OverSharing On Social Media [Infographic]

Rahul Roy | Saturday, June 23, 2012 | Be the first to comment! | Tweet +1 Like

Why you should avoid over sharing on social media sites like Google+, facebook, twitter etc.
1. People will mostly likely to ignore you.
2. People will Uncircle/unfollow you.
3. Over sharing is no different than spamming.

How to avoid over sharing? 
1. Set Goals
2. Schedule your post
Use DoShare to Schedule your posts on Google+
Use TweetDeck to schedule your posts on Twitter.
3. Limit Daily number of posts to get more interaction on your posts.

Few posting Tips:
1. Choose your topic and do a quick research on it.
2. Don't post violent stuff.
3. Be friendly and helpful.
4. Promote others.
5. Follow Up.

Infographics via online-education

By Rahul Roy
I'm a Computer Science and Engineering student and a part time blogger
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