Google has $43 Billion in their bank, Possible Suggesstions

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Google has $43 Billion in their bank, Possible Suggesstions

1. Google Fiber Nationwide, Cost: $400 Billion

2. Buy Sprint Nextel Corporation, Cost: $13 Billion
► Google can boost Android using Sprint.

3. Buy Dell, Cost: $20.8 Billion
► Using Dell Google could can bring the Chromebook to the mainstream.

Via BetaNews

Social Media is Destroying You [Infographic]

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Is social media making us awkward?
No, I don't think so.

Is facebook is making us awkward?
May be yes.

Are Social Media good for you?
Yes, they are.

Benefits of Social Media?
• Get in touch with your friends and family.
• Interact with interesting people.
• Share your passion. 
• Good for Business.

Infographic via Mashable

Amazon is planning to Launch 5-6 New Tablets

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Reportedly Amazon is planning to introduce five-six new tablets with a 10 inch model confirmed.

Amazon is planning to Launch 5-6 New Tablets

These are still rumours and nothing can be said about these tablets but it looks like Amazon is really serious about tablet market. Recently Google Launches its very own Google Nexus Tablet which is now out of stock and is giving a hard time to kindle fire.

Retail president Demos Parneros at Staples told Reuters about these tablets, you can read the detailed post on Reuters.

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List of Services Acquired by Google - Part 1

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Recently Google Acquired Sparrow, a iOS mail client. Sparrow and entire team working in Sparrow is moved to Google to work with Google so I thought it would be helpful if I share list of services acquired by Google.

Source: WikiPedia

Google is Considering Producer role in Hangout On Air

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Google's Engineering Director announced that they are considering producers role in Hangout on air.
Read More about Cameraman app: Google+ Hangout App Cameraman Let You Control Which Participant Appear to Your Viewers

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Google+ For Men and Pinterest for Women [Infographic]

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According to Infographic by Digital Flash Google+, Reddit and LinkedIn are dominated by men while facebook, twitter, Zynga and pinterest are dominated by females.

My Take
From my personal experience I can say that pinterest is very much female dominant while Google+ is much more male dominant.

Why Google+ is male dominant?
Because Google+ is better for business and is more suitable for bloggers and geeks. Needless to say Businesses are generally lead by males.

Infographic Via Mashable