Amazon is planning to Launch 5-6 New Tablets

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Reportedly Amazon is planning to introduce five-six new tablets with a 10 inch model confirmed.

Amazon is planning to Launch 5-6 New Tablets

These are still rumours and nothing can be said about these tablets but it looks like Amazon is really serious about tablet market. Recently Google Launches its very own Google Nexus Tablet which is now out of stock and is giving a hard time to kindle fire.

Retail president Demos Parneros at Staples told Reuters about these tablets, you can read the detailed post on Reuters.

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List of Services Acquired by Google - Part 1

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Recently Google Acquired Sparrow, a iOS mail client. Sparrow and entire team working in Sparrow is moved to Google to work with Google so I thought it would be helpful if I share list of services acquired by Google.

Source: WikiPedia

Google is Considering Producer role in Hangout On Air

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Google's Engineering Director announced that they are considering producers role in Hangout on air.
Read More about Cameraman app: Google+ Hangout App Cameraman Let You Control Which Participant Appear to Your Viewers

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Google+ For Men and Pinterest for Women [Infographic]

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According to Infographic by Digital Flash Google+, Reddit and LinkedIn are dominated by men while facebook, twitter, Zynga and pinterest are dominated by females.

My Take
From my personal experience I can say that pinterest is very much female dominant while Google+ is much more male dominant.

Why Google+ is male dominant?
Because Google+ is better for business and is more suitable for bloggers and geeks. Needless to say Businesses are generally lead by males.

Infographic Via Mashable

There Will be Another Android Update in 2012?

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Ice Cream Sandwich was a major update, well at least Google thinks so.

There Will be Another Android Update in 2012?

Ice Cream Sandwich was made officially available to the public in mid-November. And 7 months later, Google made Jelly Bean official at the I/O 2012.

Project Butter, Expandable Notifications , Google Now, Gestures mode and offline dictation is enough to warrant calling Jelly Bean a major OS update.

Reportedly Google is planning to bring two Nexus device each year

This proves that Google might be planning to bring one more nexus device later this year with new version of Android?


Top 10 Google+ Followers Of The Month

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Here are some of the most active plusser who regularly plus one, reshare and comment on our posts on Google+.

1. May Fong Robinson : Very down to earth person.
2. Cameron Silva : Most Active Google+ commentor.
3. Steve Kunzer He spent 20+ years in data centers & corporate environments implementing IT into/for business.
4. Prasad Bakre : Thanks for activly engaging on our page.
5. dragoslav ljubičić : Thanks for regularly plussing and resharing our stuff.
6. Cesare Riccardo : He love also to share interesting contents from friends and followers.
7. Himanshu Rai : Web Junkie
8. Carolyn St.Charles : Thanks for support and reshares
9. Malika Bourne Malika Bourne is a frugal dreamer. Believes in being part of the solution preventing child absue is education of future parents. The author of NoNon-centsNanna
10. Lisa Hogan Autry: Thanks for regularly plussing our posts.

Fun Facts About Jelly Bean And Android [Infographic]

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Here Are some of the fun facts about the latest version of Andriod i.e. Jelly Bean

Infographic via laptopmag