Avoid OverSharing On Social Media [Infographic]

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Why you should avoid over sharing on social media sites like Google+, facebook, twitter etc.
1. People will mostly likely to ignore you.
2. People will Uncircle/unfollow you.
3. Over sharing is no different than spamming.

How to avoid over sharing? 
1. Set Goals
2. Schedule your post
Use DoShare to Schedule your posts on Google+
Use TweetDeck to schedule your posts on Twitter.
3. Limit Daily number of posts to get more interaction on your posts.

Few posting Tips:
1. Choose your topic and do a quick research on it.
2. Don't post violent stuff.
3. Be friendly and helpful.
4. Promote others.
5. Follow Up.

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11 Steps To Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaigns [Infographic]

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Email marketing is not as easy as it looks, it is hard to enhance your email marketing campaign so try following 11 steps and see how it works for you.

1. Set the target of your email marketing campaign: A email marketing campaign without any goal is the first step of failure.
2. Develop and prepare your email list: Offer free ebook or giveaway to launch a successful email marketing campaign.
3. Build Your Time Table: Set your frequency of broadcasting.
4. Choose Correct Time to send an email: Experiment with timings and choose the best timing that suits you.
5. Write a good email message: Email should be professionally written.
6. Use a powerful subject line.
7. Use a strong call to action
8. Be more personal: Mention the name of your subscriber in email to get better response.
9. Include an unsubscribe link: Place it at the end of email.
10. Track your performance: Google feed burner is an excellent tool to track your performance.
11. Refine and repeat. 

Infographic via infographicable

The Amazing World of Android Apps [Infographics]

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With 900,000 daily Android device activation daily Android is giving hard time to its competitor like Apple, Blackberry and Nokia. According to infographics there are 300 Million+ Android smartphones across the web. Android captures nearly 50 percent of the smartphone market.

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Infographics via startapp

Google+ Brand Pages vs. Facebook Brand Pages [ Infographic]

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For Google+ brand pages is better than facebook brand pages. I've seen more traffic from Google than from facebook without promoting my blog posts on Google+.

Why Google+ brand pages is better than facebook brand pages?

  • Good for SEO
  • Better engagement and adoption rate
  • Google+ brand pages appears more frequently on Explore section.
  • Drives more traffic 
  • More chances to get Circled via You Might Like section. 

  • No custom vanity URL
  • No Analytics

Differences between Google+ Pages and Google+ Profiles 
  •  Pages can’t add people to circles until the page is added first or mentioned. 
  •  Pages can be made for a variety of different entities whereas profiles can only be made for people.
  •  Pages can have multiple administrators.
  •  The default privacy setting for elements on your page profile is public.
  •  Pages have the +1 button.
  •  Pages can’t +1 other pages, nor can they +1 stuff on the Web.
  •  Pages can’t play games.
  •  Pages don’t have the option to share to ‘Extended circles’.
  •  Pages can't share other page
  •  Pages can’t hangout on a mobile device. 

Conclusion: Google+ For Business is far better and suited for any kind of Business. 

Infographic Via Pardot

Images Rule The Web [Infographic]

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Images are the present and future of Internet and no one can denies the value images bring. The value of images can be understood from the growth of Google+, pinterest and Instagram. The are all central hub of image sharing, later two is specially designed for sharing images.

In the October Vic Gundotra, Google’s SVP announces that Google+ users have posted 3.4 billion photos with 40 million total number of users, now Google+ has over 170 million users and that number could be well over 30 billion.  

Why Images are important for Bloggers?
If you are a blogger and you are not adding at least one image in your post you are doing it wrong because images drive 20-30% percent organic traffic these days.

Social Media  
Social media is all about Sharing images from Google+ to facebook, from twitter to instagram etc.

Infographic via Mdgadvertising

[Infographic] Android Vs iPhone: Which Came First?

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Ever wonder who came first Android or iPhone? wonder no more. I've found a detailed infographic of history of Android and iPhone. Enjoy the infographic.

[Infographic] Android Vs iPhone: Which Came First?

With the introduction of Jelly Bean Android is now one step ahead of iPhone.
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Infographics via Applegazette

The Awesome Growth of Google [Infographic]

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The internet is driven by Google and growth of internet depends on growth of Google so I'm going to share a infographic about the growth of Google.
Note: This infographics doesn't include one of most popular product of Google i.e. Google+.

PS: Use Control plus + to for larger view.
Infographics via Infographiclabs

Infographic: Why Content is key to SEO?

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With ever changing panda factors and with the introduction of penguin algorithm the originality of content is more important than ever. Check out this infographic about content for seo.

Its quite clear that Google+ shares and plus one's are key to seo which makes tradition seo obsolete.
12 Tips to Save Your Blog from Google Panda Update

Infographics via Brafton

Google+ plays a major role in content marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Google+ plays a major role in content marketing. According to Infographic posted by unbounce Google+ does play a significant role in content marketing.

Google+ shares and plus one's does bring value and it will definitely boosts your seo and social media marketing strategy. Do you use Google+? let me know in the comment section below.

With the introduction of Google+ events Google+ becomes even more important for content marketing. For example if you are planning to promote your book then you can create a public event to tell about the launch of your book. This will only only create excitement into your followers but it will also add more value the marketing process.

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[Infographic] Twitter 2012: What You Need To Know

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With Over 400 million twitter accounts, twitter is now a top social medium player along with Google+ and facebook.

Getting attention on twitter is not that easy as you cannot keep track of every tweet that is why I am focusing on Google+, where I get tons of response on my posts.

How to Get become twitter Star?
1. Share many pictures: Pictures definitively bring value and if you are not sharing pictures you are doing it wrong.
2. Share Interesting content: Content is a key to success.
3. Engage with your Followers: Reply to every @ mentions.
4. Avoid shameless self promotion.

Infographics via Blogherald 
Still not getting enough interaction on twitter? I'd suggest you to move on to Google+ and use twitter as a way to promote your Google+ account. 

20+ Reasons why you will be using Google+ in the future [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Google+ is one of the most talked topic of the web right now. It has many interesting features from hangout to Google+ Locals, from comment editing to circle sharing however one of the best feature of Google+ is the sense of community. Google+ has many communities like community of photographers, community of bloggers, community of developers, Google+ welcome wagon community(one of the best community on Google+) etc. In short Google+ is the future of web and you will be using it soon as it provides best social networking features and it brings Google from Google 1.0 to Google 2.0

Here are the 20 solid reasons why you will be using Google+ soon.

1. Integration with Google Services: Gmail, Android, blogger, YouTube, Google project glasses etc.
2. Circles are Awesome: Enable users to organize people into groups for sharing and the best part is you can share your circle with your followers.
3. Better Mobile App: Mobile app loads fast and is far better than facebook and twitter app.
4. Control over Yourself: It provides you the ability to download your content from Google+ and you can delete your account at any time.
5. Photo tagging with automatic face detection.
6. Hangouts: With Hangout on air you can record and share live hangouts, share
7. Privacy Settings: Easy to manage.
8. Easier Profile Setup
9. Browser Integration: Integration with chrome.
10. Hot Topics: with what is hot you can find useful content at single click.
11. Better Search: Customize search results.
12. Elegant Notifications: Google+ Tip: Managing Google+ Notification
13. No more friend request fatigue: Add to circle without any permission
14. Less Bloat
15. Better Ads: More customisable ads.
16. Better Game Implementation: Separate gaming notification.
17. Safer sharing: Lock your post and comments before sharing.
18. Better for Business: Good for SEO
19. Single Post muting
20. Photo gallery implementation

21. Almost No Spamming: You cannot spam on Google+ and that is why most the facebook users doesn't like Google+. In short you have complete control over your page.
22. Google+ Locals.
23. Google+ Events: Google+ events was introduced at the Google input output 2012 and it is simply awesome.
24. Google+ is Better for Business


Infographics via Bitrebels